10 Minute Yoga Video for Runners & Athletes

A while back I posted on my blog about Yoga for Runners.

It was inspired by my hubby, who was just after completing a marathon. I also have so many students that are runners, cyclists, triathletes, rugby players, soccar players etc. I put together a sheet for this post that can be taken with you for your cool down or to be practiced daily. I felt a video maybe even easier to follow and would encourage you to include yoga in your regime.

I have designed this sequence to combat the most common aliments such as tightness or pain in the hamstrings, quads, feet, Achilles tendon, stiffness in the knees. calves, ankles, hips & lower back.

This sequence is also great for non athletes and is a handy 10 minute daily yoga fix.

Happy Yoging!



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