Self Care Daily Tip

Repeat this mantra for Calm & Peace

Repeating this mantra to yourself and believing every word: “I breathe in calm, I breathe out calm. I breathe in peace, I breathe out peace. I breath in tranquillity, I breathe out tranquillity. I breath in strength, I breathe out strength. I breath in harmony, I breath out harmony.” ♥

Go Outside

If you can just simply go outside right now and breath in some fresh air. Studies has proven that spending more than two hours outside every week is excellent for your wellbeing. ♥

Its okay to say No

Reschedule or choose not to do some of the things that in your deepest heart you know are not essential to your or your family’s wellbeing There is no reason for feeling guilty for putting you or your family need’s first. ♥

Actively listen to those around you

Listen to respond, not react. Resist the temptation to interrupt. Engage in conversations and summarize what is said while showing empathy and patience. If you make conversation a collaboration, you can create a more meaningful sense of community and successfully understand others in social situations. ♥