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Dancing Warrior Flow

This next free video I have created is my Dancing Warrior Flow sequence.  This video is a heated flow which includes Dancing Warrior 1008 from Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow School of Yoga and a nice mix of standing and seated poses to really get our bodies moving and de-stressing 🙂  Dancing Warrior 1008 is more …

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Stay Cool and Collected – connect with your Water Element!!

Looking to connect with your Water/Jala element… you might be thinking huh?? 🙂 Our bodies and the world around us are made up of the 5 basic Elements: Earth(Prithvi), Fire(Agni), Water(Jala), Air(Vayu) & Ether/Space(Askash).  They are responsible for the building blocks of the universe.  Each object or being in the world encompasses the five elements …

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Chandra Namaskar – Moon Sequence

As the name suggests Chandra or Moon Sequence allows us to slow down to bow to the lunar energy. Whereas Surya Namaskar(Sun Saluation) is best practiced in the morning to energise us moon sequence is best practiced at night to slow down our thinking mind in preparation for sleep.  It also great practiced when women …

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