There has never been a better time to practice together outside.  With Covid-19 we need Yoga more
so than ever to ground and energise us.  And what better way to practice than in the freedom of
outside on one of the beautiful beaches in West Cork.
When:  Saturdays @10am, Weather dependent
Where: Barleycove Beach/Chimney/Rocky Beach
Cost: €10 per person
Booking essential, please message Hazel on 0868549660 to reserve your spot

Which beach will the class take place in?
As the tides change we will move between 3 of our favourite West Cork beaches: Barleycove, Rocky
and Chimney Beach.  Please keep an eye on social media and/or message Hazel on 0868549660 for
update on which beach we will practice on.
Who is the class suitable for?
Everyone!!  All ages, all levels from beginners to experienced, guys and gals everyone is welcome 🙂
What to expect?
Each class begins with a few  minutes of relaxation and breath work.  We work on grounding our mind
into the present, training our mind to stay present throughout the class, leaving any distracting
thoughts outside the room.   We spend 40 minutes working on our asanas(postures), plenty of time is
given so that the student fully understands each posture always encouraging to sit out any posture
that does not feel good.   We then finish with 10 minutes of deep relaxation.

The emphasis of this class is on flow, moving the body with the breath.
What are the benefits?
De-stressing, improved flexibilty, toning, detoxing, improved breath.,
Do I need a Yoga Mat?
Ideally please bring your own especially now to reduce the spread of Covid-19.   If you don't have a
mat a beach towel will be perfect or you may even prefer to practice directly on the sand 🙂
The Yoga Tree's Top Tips for Beach Yoga?
Please bring a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, swimming togs if you fancy a dip afterwards and if
possible a Yoga Mat.
Very important please bring an extra layer or a blankie for shavasana/relaxation:)
I am worried about practicing Yoga and the spread of Covid-19?
Please do not worry this is why we are practicing Yoga outside so we can leave our worries behind.  If
possible please bring a yoga mat.  Alternatively a towel will work great too.  There will be a good
distance between mats and I will also be keeping a safe distance with no hands on adjustments
"Yoga with Hazel is a really great experience from start to finish.  She is very clear, always
explains clearly and takes time to adjust students if they need it.  I've found classes with Hazel
inspirational and I've noticed the difference in my body and mind since starting with
her"   Amy, The Yoga Tree Student
"I really enjoy going to Hazel's oga every week.  I started as a beginner and found the relaxed
atmosphere, professional manner with which Hazel teaches the class, and the individual
attention to be invaluable."  Darren, The Yoga Tree Student
***booking is essential in order to reserve your space***
Please message Hazel on 086 8549660 or for more information