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There has never been a better time to hop on our mat and practice.  With Covid-19 we need Yoga more so than ever to ground and energise us.  As it is still not safe for us to be together in person in the studio we have created our online community so we can roll out our mats and practice together online

    • 40 live streamed classes a month
    • All classes recorded so you can practice whenever suits you or as often as you like
    • Classes for all ages, levels and different stages in our lives...
    • Classes include Vinyasa flow, Prenatal, Postnatal, Hatha
    • New meditation, recipes, smoothies posted weekly
    • Unlimited access for €29.99 monthly membership

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What if I cannot make the time of the classes?

Don't worry :) all classes will be recorded and will be available for the rest of the week on The Yoga Tree membership area so you can practice whenever suits you or as often as you like

I am not good with computers how will I figure it out?

I know this is a concern for many but please do not worry I will be sending you very simple instructions on how to use the site and I will be available if you have any questions.  One of the aims of the membership site is to make Yoga accessible for all so we can fully benefit from the practice

Who are the classes suitable for?

Everyone!!  All ages, all levels from beginners to experienced, guys and gals everyone is welcome :)  There are a range of classes available: Vinyasa Flow Level 1, 2, 3, Hatha, Prenatal, Mummy & Baby Yoga, Beginners

What to expect?

Each class begins with a few minutes of relaxation and breath work.  We work on grounding our mind into the present, training our mind to stay present throughout the class, leaving any distracting thoughts outside the room.   We spend 40 minutes working on our asanas(postures), plenty of time is given so that the student fully understands each posture always encouraging to sit out any posture that does not feel good.   We then finish with 10 minutes of deep relaxation.
The emphasis of all classes is on flow, moving the body with the breath.

The Quick Fix early morning rise will be 15 minutes shorter so you can squeeze in some yoga before your day begins :)

What are the benefits?

De-stressing, improved flexibilty, toning, detoxing, improved breath.,

Do I need a Yoga Mat?

Ideally a mat will be great but on the carpet will be perfect too

The Yoga Tree's Top Tips for Online Yoga?

Please login to the class 5/10 minutes before class is to begin so you can get yourself nicely settled.  Please also prepare anyone you are living with that you wish not to be disturbed during your practice.

How much does it cost and how do I sign up?

€29.99 a month membership Unlimited Access, please click below to book your virtual mat.  This will guide you to our registration page. 

You do not need to have a paypal account, when you press 'Buy now', you can simply choose the option to pay with a credit card rather than logging into Paypal.  If either of these options do not suit please message me on 0868549660 and I will send you our bank or Revolut details.


"Yoga with Hazel is a really great experience from start to finish.  She is very clear, always explains clearly and takes time to adjust students if they need it.  I've found classes with Hazel inspirational and I've noticed the difference in my body and mind since starting with her"   Amy, The Yoga Tree Student

"I really enjoy going to Hazel's Yoga every week.  I started as a beginner and found the relaxed atmosphere, professional manner with which Hazel teaches the class, and the individual attention to be invaluable."  Darren, The Yoga Tree Student

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***booking is essential in order to reserve your space***

Please message Hazel on 086 8549660 or for any questions or more information