Dancing Warrior Flow

This next free video I have created is my Dancing Warrior Flow sequence.  This video is a heated flow which includes Dancing Warrior 1008 from Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow School of Yoga and a nice mix of standing and seated poses to really get our bodies moving and de-stressing 🙂  Dancing Warrior 1008 is more suitable for experienced Yogis but newbies can also practice but please listen to your body and just do what you can.   Heated flows can be a great way to de-stress.  Sometimes if we are feeling anxious or overwhelmed the last thing our mind can do is sit and meditate, our thoughts are racing and our body cannot settle.  So using our Yoga practice we can build some heat to burn off those anxieties so that our body and mind can finally release in shavasana.

The practice begins with a little grounding so we can settle into our bodies and the moment and closes with Shavasana, the most important part of our practice 🙂

My students will be used to Dancing Warrior 1008 but for those that aren’t please don’t worry if you are a little lost to begin with 🙂 new sequences take some practice.  The more you practice the more you will enjoy the flow.  

I have been so fortunate to have trained with the amazing Shiva Rea over the years in London and Amsterdam and love to bring her beautiful creative flows in my own practice and into my classes.  I hope you enjoy too