A slow, deeply relaxing pace of yoga that stretches, strengthens and tones your whole body while
rejuvenating your system and improving breathing.

What to expect?
Each class begins with 15 minutes of relaxation and breath work. We spend 45 minutes working on our asanas(postures), plenty of time is given so that the student fully understands each posture.   We then finish with 20 minutes of deep relaxation.
With this class the emphasis is about relaxation and grounding. As with all The Yoga Tree classes students are encouraged to listen and honour their bodies taking each posture at their own speed and level. One of the joys of Yoga is that there is never any pressure to do what the student next to you is doing. We focus on our own bodies and state of mind.

What are the benefits?

De-stressing, calmness, feeling of being grounded, improved flexibilty, toning, detoxing, improved breath.

Is it suitable for me?

Hatha Yoga is suitable for men, women, young, old, flexible, not flexible, beginners, intermediate etc who are looking for a slightly slower style of yoga.  Those who are looking for a faster form of yoga may prefer the Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

What level is appropriate?

With the Hatha Yoga classes the level is mixed, meaning that all levels of experience are welcome.  Postures are demonstrated with variations so the student can choose the level that is most appropriate for them on the day.


“I find it easier to make decisions or difficult phonecalls after my yoga.   It just puts me in a clearer and more assertive frame of mind! I suffer from depression but the mindfulness of the class frees me up from my anxious thoughts.”   The Yoga Tree Hatha Student

Hatha Class Schedule

Live Stream on The Yoga Tree’s Online Community:
Wednesday 9.30 – 10.30am Mixed Level 

***booking is essential in order to reserve your space***

Contact Hazel on 086 8549660 or [email protected] for more information

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