Ashtanga Based Vinyasa Flow Yoga in Ballincollig and Douglas, Cork

Movement Flow

Fast pace of yoga that moves with the breath; toning the body, making it flexible and strong while calming the mind and improving breathing.

What to expect?

Each class begins with 10 minutes of relaxation and breath work.  We work on grounding our mind into the present, training our mind to stay present throughout the class, leaving any distracting thoughts outside the room.   We spend 50 minutes working on our asanas(postures), plenty of time is given so that the student fully understands each posture always encouraging to sit out any posture that does not feel good.   We then finish with 15 minutes of deep relaxation.

Is it suitable for me?

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is suitable for men, women, young, old, flexible, not flexible, beginners, intermediate etc who are looking for a slightly faster style of yoga.  Those who are looking for a slower form of yoga may prefer the Hatha style of yoga

What level is appropriate?

Beginners - those who are very new to yoga or who may not have practised for a while, also those who have practised other forms of Yoga.

Level 2 - Yoga students who have completed at least one round of Beginners Yoga and feel they would like the challenge of the next level class.

Intermediate - Yoga students who have at last 1-2 years Vinyasa or Ashtanga Yoga experience.  Class consists of challenging poses such as headstand, handstand etc.


"Yoga with Hazel is a really great experience from start to finish.  She is very clear, always explains clearly and takes time to adjust students if they need it.  I've found classes with Hazel inspirational and I've noticed the difference in my body and mind since starting with her"   Amy O'Connell, Vinyasa Flow student

Vinyasa Flow Class Schedule

Oriel House Hotel, Ballincollig:
Mondays 6.30 - 7.45pm Intermediate
Mondays 8 - 9.15pm Level 2
Wednesday 7.10 - 8.20pm Beginners

Tuesday 8 - 9.15pm Beginners 

booking is essential in order to reserve your space