Holistic Budgeting with Ann-marie Gaynor

Expert Guest: Tracy Gallagher
Topic: Womens Health Lifecycle
Length: 60 minutes

Ann-Marie, the owner of “Irish Budgeting Mammy,” joined us as a guest, captivating us with her insights and expertise. As a mother of four and a psychiatric nurse, Ann-Marie brought a unique perspective to the discussion on personal finances.

Ann-Marie delved into the concept of holistic budgeting, shedding light on the importance of considering emotional well-being, self-care, and personal growth alongside financial decisions. It was inspired by her own journey of successfully managing her finances while balancing multiple responsibilities.

The highlight of the episode was Ann-Marie’s wealth of tips and tricks for saving money. She shared practical budgeting techniques and strategies for cutting expenses, providing the audience with actionable advice to optimise their financial resources.

Throughout the episode, Ann-Marie emphasised the power of open conversations about money and challenged the stigma surrounding financial matters. Listeners were encouraged to break free from the taboo and seek support and guidance in their financial journeys. Ann-Marie’s warm and relatable approach created a safe space for listeners to explore their financial challenges without judgment.

You can find out more about Ann-Marie on her website www.irishbudgetingmammy.com

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