Lets Beat The Corona Blues!!

Sadly I have had to cancel classes for a while 🙁 until we get a hold of Cornoa Virus, hopefully for not too long… fingers and toes crossed.

I would like to play my part and bring Yoga into your homes until we get back on our mats again together in the studio.

I will be posting up regular Yoga videos and meditations on my Youtube channel and here on my blog… with the aim to keep us positive and grounded in these challenging times. These videos will be short 15/20 minutes so there is no excuses to roll out our mat and get moving!!

There will be options for newbie Yogis and seasoned Yogis depending on your experience and also how your energy levels and mood are on the day.

Each video will begin with a little grounding, then asanas/movement and close with a short Shavasana.

This first video includes the classic Surya Namaskar.. sometimes you just can’t beat a good ole Sun Saluation!! If time permits rewind back and flow through the practice twice. I have also included a short Core sequence.

You may already have experienced the benefits of Surya Namaskar/Sun Salutation but to get you motivated these are from my experience why Sun Salutations are so fab!!!
Increases your overall flexibility
Gets you in the mood for practie
Enhances upper body strength especially the triceps
Improves strength and flexibility of the lower back
Improves flexibility in the chest & front shoulders muscles
Reduces stress
Improves your breathing
Increases energy



Lets stay calm, positive and grounded 🙂

Enjoy 🙂