Lovely Jovely Healthy Ice Sweets

I am always looking for different ideas for healthy treats for the kids during the summer and for me too of course!!

These fab little ice sweets are sooo easy to make.  You can use any chocolate moulds you like, my favorite are hearts and butterflies.  Any type of homemade juice or homemade vegan ice cream work well in these. They are most appealing when you make a few different flavors with lots of variety of colour.

The following recipe my kids love!!

1 ripe banana
400ml tin organic coconut milk(be sure to look at the label most non organic coconut milks are loaded with E preservatives and lots of other yukky stuff)
4 dates
150g strawberries
pinch turmeric
heart shapped moulds

1. Process banana and coconut milk together
2. Add strawberries to half the mixture and turmeric to the other half
3. Pour into heart shaped moulds and freeze
4. Once frozen take out and thaw slightly

Another popular flavour that works well with my kids:

1 watermelon
Juice of 1 lime

1. Remove the skin from the watermelon and process with the lime juice
2. Pour into the moulds and freeze. This will make a lot of sweets so when I am making this flavour i make a batch of ice lollies with the left over juice.

Enjoy!!! Yum yum yum!!!



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