I Believe in Me – A Meditation for Teens and Pre Teens

My heart goes out to teenagers at the moment and so I wanted to dedicate our meditation this week to them. My hope is to encourage any teenagers or pre teens in your life to begin to meditate or to continue a meditation practice.
Life is very complicated for teenagers and even more so in these times. They maybe balancing schoolwork, with sport, with trying to fit in and (in normal times) having an active social life. And all of this with the added pressure of social media.
Unfortunately there is lots of studies showing that teenagers are even more stressed than adults.
To start kids and teenagers meditating as early as possible will set them up in life.

These are just some of the advantages of meditations:
* improves focus and concentration so teens can focus on homework and perform better on exams
* helps with self-esteem and memory
* reduces high blood pressure and heart rate
* helps balance the immune system
* improves sleep
* help them to regulate emotions
* hugely benefial for sport for managing pain and enhanced focus, enhanced positive thinking and mental awareness

It maybe helpful to explain to your teen or pre teen some of the advantages of meditating, ones that will resonate with them.
This is a list of successful athletes and celebrites that are big advocates of meditations many put their success and their atheletic edge down to Meditation. This may inspire your teens to start a mediation practice: (the list is endless these are just a few high profile celebs and sports people)
* Katy Perry
* Madonna
* Kristen Bell
* Jerry Seinfield
* Oprah Winfrey
* Will Smith
* Tim Ferris
* Martin Scorcese
* Steve Jobs
* Russel Brand
* Tom Hanks
* Jeff Bridges
* Hugh Jackman
* Lindsay Lohan
Athletes: – meditate to improve their game:
* David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo (Soccer).
* Rory McIIroy, Tommy Fleetwood (Golf)
* Rob Kearney( Rugby)
* Roger Federer, Bianca Andreescu(Tennis)
* Derek Jeter – MLB
* Michael Jordan – NBA
* Carli Lloyd – Soccer
* Ginger Huber – Cliff Diving
* LeBron James – NBA

From chatting to friends who have teenager/pre teens kids these are the key areas they feel their kids need: focus on self belief, switching off and reducing stress. And so I have created our meditation around this.
You may find that you need to start them with a short meditation first and slowly build them up to a longer meditation.
Another tip could be to have a listen to it first and ensure this is something your teen would like. You may find other meditations in the platfrom that your teen would enjoy more.
I hope the meditation will be helpful and your teen enjoys.