One More Tune.. The Yoga Tree’s Chilled House Music Mixes

This week in our classes we brought a little house music into our yoga practice to really get our bodies going!!! As my students know music is a big part of our class and I try to change it around as much as I can each week working the music into the theme and the pace of the class!! This week we moved up through each of our elements, we grounded through our earth, we moved with fluidity with our water element, we ignited the inner flame of the fire element, we opened our heart in our air element and finally making our way up to our space element coming into those pauses between breaths, poses and diving into those moments of stillness!

I am so grateful to a friend of mine Dj Neil Corcoran for creating me these fab yoga house music mixes!!! I am loving this mix at the moment. Thank you Neill xxx

The Yoga Tree House Mix Nov ’18 by Theyogatree on Mixcloud

[mixcloud width=100% height=60 hide_cover=1 mini=1 light=1]



Neil has a fab podcast which he updates at least every week with new mixes. Check it out!!