Organic or Not!!!

I am a big fan of organic and where possible I try to go organic. But lets call a spade a spade it ain’t cheap!!

At The Yoga Tree’s retreat last January we were very privileged to have the gorgeous nutritionist Jen O’Callaghan from Nutrition4Living chatting to us about healthy eating.
Jen owns and operates Nutrition4Living and is the Nutritional Therapist at Pure Results Bootcamp, owned and operated by Kathryn Thomas.

One of the topics that came up was Organic or Not. So Jen shared with us the Dirty 12 and Clean 15. The Dirty 12 are drenched in pesticides whereas the clean 15 are much lower in pesticides.  Where possible we should go organic with the Dirty 12 and when on a budget we can go non organic on the Clean 15.  For example Apples may be sprayed up to 16 times with 47 different pesticides. Scary eh!!

Click on the image below to download the printable version of EWG(Environmental Working Group) Dirty 12 and Clean 15!!

Dirty Dozen_7







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