Postnatal Sun Saluation

I understand very well how challenging it can be to get on your mat when you have a small baby to mind.  As a mum of three I have been there 3 times!!  Your body is begging for some movement but your energy maybe low and you just don’t have the time.  This short sequence of yoga poses is only 5 minutes long, it can be repeated many times if you have the time and energy.

I have designed this sequence to focus on strengthening the pelvic floor, stabilising the pelvis and gently toning the core.  I have also added a few stretches between the salutations to further open the chest and to induce feelings of positivity, increase our lung capacity, counterbalance rounding that may have happened in the spine from crouched over baby and to increase our energy.

It is also important to note that you are best to wait until baba is at least 6 weeks old or 8 weeks after a caesarean and only if you are feeling okay.

Please also consult your doctor/midwife before partaking in any exercise.


Happy Yoging!




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