Jen & Hazel’s One Week Online Detox – Pre-detox (3 days before detox)


Getting ready for the detox!!!

Step 1:

Certain foods can interfere with your liver ability to detoxify your body so it is important to start reducing or cutting them out predetox.

Do your best to start to reduce your sugar intake. 

Step 2:

Reduce your intake of dairy, wheat, alcohol, trans fats, processed food and packaged, boxed, canned and fast food.  It is also recommended to cut out meat and poultry. 

Step 3:

Up your intake of fruit and vegetables.

Step 4:

If you are a coffee drinker, slowly cut down on the amount you drink to help prevent caffeine withdrawal and headaches.  Possibily having your last one Saturday or Sunday

Step 5:

Drink more water

Step 6:

Clear your fridge and your social calendar of temptations!
Do not do a big shop a few days beforehand make sure there are no temptations in the fridge.  Clear out your cupboards of sweets, biscuits, cakes, fizzy drinks, white breads and pastas.  I tend to make a couple of dinners for my family the day before the detox so I can avoid having to cook during the detox!!

Step 8:

Prepare for your Yoga – ensure you have a Yoga Mat and decide on a nice quiet Yoga space or corner in your house that you will do your daily short practice.