A gentle yet dynamic form of Yoga.  It will help you prepare for the birth anhelp speed up recovery and restore body shape.  Improving sleep, reducing stress and anxiety and boosting energy.  The class also provides an opportunity to meet and bond with other pregnant women during this wonderful and exciting time.

What to expect?

Each class begins with 15 minutes of breathwork and deep relaxation equipping mum with tools to help her relax and stay grounded during her pregnancy but also to be used should she wish during labour. We then continue with 55 minutes of yoga asana(postures) which help to open the body, relieve and prevent any common prenatal aliments, helping the body to stay toned and flexible. Included in this time is our invisible yoga, when we work on the pelvic floor. Followed is 15 minutes Shavasana(deep relaxation). We complete the class by passing some organic nuts, seeds and chocolate around the class to ensure blood sugar has not dropped(any excuse!!) and a short chat should anyone have any questions. The ephasis of this class is the nurture mum and connect with our growing babies. Allowing mum to take time out for her, where there is no demands on here but to relax as much as she can. We play music in the background and have candles lit to ensure we create an environment that is deeply tranquil. Modifications are shown for different stages in pregnancy. Students at all times are encouraged to work within their own capabilities and stages of pregnancy.

Although we are offering many tools for the expectant mum to have a natural birth should she wish, we do not in any way force this, we honour whatever birthing plan our expectant mothers decide. And welcome any questions either in a group or in private.

What are the benefits?

  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Can boost energy
  • Increases the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth
  • Decrease lower back pain, nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches and shortness of breath
  • Decreases the risk of preterm labour
  • can help the expectant mother to bond with the new unborn baby through breath and visualisation techniques,
  • opportunity to meet other expectant mums

Is it suitable for me?

Once you are 14 weeks+ you are safe to join a prenatal yoga class.  Even if you are almost full term it is never too late to join a prenatal yoga class.  Whether you are unflexible, unfit, have never done yoga before you are very welcome in a prenatal yoga.  There is no competition, it is a very warm, supportive and inviting environment.


“Having never really done yoga before my pregnancy I wondered how I would enjoy or benefit from an antenatal Yoga class. To say that I thoroughly enjoyed the classes is an understatement. From my very first class at 15 weeks pregnant I loved everything about the class & the fact that I really got quality ‘me’ time.”

“Hazel is an amazing teacher & makes everyone in the class feel relaxed and conscious of the growing baby inside you. She has a very calming tone to her voice that allows you to fully concentrate on what she’s saying and more importantly to concentrate on your baby.”

“The exercises made me feel stronger, more flexible and I felt as if I was really bonding with my growing baby. The class also prepares you for the emotional side of birth and they really bring you into the correct breathing zone associated with pregnancy. I really looked forward to my class every week and I truely believe this is down to the manner in which Hazel teaches the class, everyone just feels so relaxed and at ease. I would highly recommend Hazels class to all expectant mums.”

Catherine, Prenatal Yoga student

Prenatal Class Schedule

Live Stream on The Yoga Tree Online Community:
Mondays 6.30 – 7pm Prenatal Quick Fix Yoga – all levels
Wednesday 5.45 – 6.45pm Prenatal Yoga – all levels

***booking is essential in order to reserve your space***

Contact Hazel on 086 8549660 or [email protected] for more information

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