Quinoa & Goji Salad

I have been promising students to put up some of my favorite healthy recipes for months now. Over the next couple of weeks I promise lots of super healthy recipes!! 🙂

This is one of my top summer salads very quick and easy to make, taken from ‘The Happy Pear’ cookbook.

The main ingredient in this recipe is quinoa, I am loving quinoa at the moment I pretty much use it in all my salads and I am starting to use it more now as an alternative to brown rice in our evening meals.  It is ridiculously good for you and is such a great core ingredient in salads.  It is no doubt a super grain, extremely rich in protein, twice as much fibre as most other grains, contains iron and Lysine(essential for tissue growth and repair), rich in magnesium and B2 and is gluten free.

We are also big fans of Goji berries in our house, the kids love them sprinkled over their breakfast in the morning. Another super food bursting with vitamin C and packed full of beneficial nutrients including protein, anti-oxidants and essential amino acids. They look like bright red colored dried raisins, you can buy them in most health stores

300g Quinoa (I like the mixed colour quinoa,no difference in taste just looks better)
70g frozen edamane beans or peas
50g Fresh Mint
50g Fresh Flat leaf parsley
30g Fresh chives
50g Mixed Salad Leaves
50g Goji Berries
50g Cashew Nuts

For the dressing:
80ml Braggs Liquid Aminos(you can use Soya sauce or Tamari, Liquid aminos is a healthy not fermented gluten free alternative to soya sauce, you can find it in most health stores)
100ml Olive Oil

1. Cook the quinoa as per instructions on pack
2. Meanwhile defrost the edamame beans or peas by putting them into hot water for 5-10 minutes. Finely chop all the herbs.
3. Whisk the dressing ingredients together, using a fork or whisk.
4. Put all the salad ingredients into a large bowl and pour the dressing over them.




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