I LOVE detoxing, well maybe not at the time but afterwards you feel amazing, your yoga practice is better and its just so healthy for your body.

Detoxing is difficult there is no doubt about it, it takes incredible will power.  But when done in a group it makes a huge difference as you have moral support and it is not as easy to quit!

The next group 3 day juice detox is planned for Thursday 23rd January!!!  I would love as many of you to get involved.  You could do 1, 2 or 3 days.  All details with tips to succeed will be up in my website so it will be easy peasy to follow.  I hope you comment how you are getting on as we go.

Here’s some info below to entice you to get involved…..

Why Detox?

there are millions of reasons why a juice detox and regular juicing are so good for you.. here are some of the main advantages:

  • cleanse your body and mind
  • to loose weight
  • to improve focus and mental clarity
  • to improve heart and cardiovascular function
  • anti aging
  • improved bone & joint functions
  • stronger immune system
  • better digestion
  • better overall mood
  • healthier hair, skin & nails
  • energy!!

More info:



The 3 Day Detox Plan


Will I loose weight?
Yes you will more than likely lose weight. If your main aim of the detox is to loose weight, I would recommend watching yourself after the detox. The tendency sometimes is after the detox is over is to go right back to your normal eating habits, then you will more than likely put weight back on. The key is to utilise this opportunity

Will I be starving?
You will most certainly feel like you are starving but in actual fact your body is being provided with a huge amount of fruit and vegetables. See pic below of my fridge stocked up with fruit & veg for the 3 day detox for myself & 2 friends.


Can I drink anything else?
You can drink as much water as you like, this is great to help flush the toxins out. Other than the juices and smoothies listed in program and water you can not drink anything else.

Will it be expensive?
It can be quite pricey, I have found when I buy mostly organic it has cost me around €60. At least you won’t be buying any more food, coffees, snacks etc for yourself.

Can I smoke?
I would like to say definitely No smoking as to do a full detox you need to cut all toxins out of your body. Cigarettes being one of the worst culprits. As I am a non smoker it is very easy for me to say this!! If you can that would be great but if not maybe try to cut down for the 3 days. You will still get lots of the benefits.

Will I be able to take my normal medications?
Yes absolutely.

Will I be able to work and do my normal activities?
Yes absolutely. Don’t put yourself in any situations though that are too tempting. For example don’t arrange to meet a colleague or a friend in your favourite restaurant for lunch. Possibly go for a short walk at lunch. In the evenings take it nice and easy, you could be exhausted as all the toxins start to surface. Also try not to be around anyone that would be a temptation!!

Can I detox it when I am pregnant?
Unfortunately No as the toxins that will be surfacing can be harmful for baby.

Can I detox when I am breast feeding?
As above no I’m afraid. The toxins are released in your breast milk.

When is the best time to detox?
When you have a quiet social schedule. Many find that they prefer to do a detox on a bank holiday when they don’t have work but I personally feel it is a waste of a bank holiday!!! Entirely up to you but I would definitely recommend keeping your social calendar as quiet as possible for those 3 days so you are not around temptations. Also at a time that you can get plenty of rest.