Science of Happiness with Aislinn Cambridge

When: 18th January’23
Time: 7.30pm – 8.30pm
Topic: The Science of Happiness
Where: Online, on zoom (just simply click link below 5 mins prior to the scheduled time)

About Aislinn:

Aislinn Cambridge aka ‘The Minister of Happiness’ has spent over fifteen years immersing herself in the health and wellness
industries and over twenty years in the fitness industry. Aislinn is a Nutritional Therapy
Practitioner, Happiness Explorer, Wellness Specialist, Minister, Celebrant, Author, and
Inspirational Speaker. Over the years, she has worked in many different areas of wellness
always aware of the mind/body connection. In all her work, from fitness to nutrition,
celebrancy to writing and speaking there is a common thread; Happiness!

Aislinn’s unique way of dealing with people has earned her the label of ‘Minister4Happiness’
and she takes every opportunity to share her knowledge and experience with whomever she
works with. Her philosophy is ‘making health and happiness a habit. Her personal life goal is
to be a people millionaire and spread happiness wherever she goes.

Aislinn works as Minsietr4happiness with Kathryn Thomas on her Pure Results online
community where she has a weekly workshop with Kathryn discussing topics from happiness
to mindset and motivation. Aislinn is also the onsite Nutritionist for Pure Results retreats. She
is regularly featured in RSVP magazine, has been a guest on Corks RedFM and Corks 96FM
discussing all wellness-related topics, and gives motivational talks to corporations and local
businesses. She also has a youtube channel where she shares a weekly story imparting a little
life lesson.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, hill walking, running, cooking, playing guitar, and
going on Surprise dates with her husband. 

About the talk:  In this talk we dive into the science of happiness, learning to understand what true happiness is and how to achieve more happiness in your life in simple and free ways.

How to get in touch with Aislinn:

This is a link to Aislinn’s latest book 21 Sleeps: Lessons of a Lifetime.

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