Shopping List

The shopping list below in for the 3 day detox. If you are doing less than 3 days adjust accordingly.
I recommend buying as much organic as possible and checking for the freshest fruit & veg.
When you look at the list below, how could we possibly feel hungry!!!

3 Carrots
22 Apples
3 Lemons
1 Yellow Bell Pepper
1½ Cucumber
3 Celery Sticks
3 Broccoli Stems (1 inch each)
1 Large or 2 small Beetroot (raw – very important)
2 pieces of fresh Ginger
small handful of Parsley
2 Avocados (ripe – very important)
¼ cup fresh Blackberries
¼ cup fresh Blueberries
1 medium Pineapple
1 lb/ ½ kilo of Spinach
200g Yoghurt(non- dairy, soya is a good option)
3½ Litres of Mineral Water ( plus what you will be drinking other than put in the juice)