Stop Hitting the Snooze Button!!

Technically today’s tip is for tomorrow! 🙂

I have to put my hand up and say I am 100% guilty of this!!! I like to indulge in a little snoozing and had previously thought this was a gentle way to wake up until I learnt the following.

Snoozing in fact causes our sleep to be more disrupted, leaving us feel more sleepy. Something I read this week by Dr.Cindy T.Graham, a licenced psycholgist “Instead, sleep experts recommend being honest with oneself and setting the alarm for the time you actually get up”, she says. “Your body will learn to prepare for waking at that time and you will feel less tired over the course of the day.” I did not know this!!

So our challenge tomorrow is to set the alarm for the time that you actually plan to get up!! ♥

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