Stress and Anxiety Release

Intensity: Medium
Level: All
Style: Vinyasa
Length: 60 mins

Welcome the weekend with open arms and an open heart in our Saturday Morning backbending flow.

Begin by releasing the stress of the week with Lion’s Breath Pranayama, a powerful technique to let go and reset. As you breathe out feel tensions melt away, making space for newfound freedom and joy.

Embrace the transformative power of backbends as we flow through heart-opening poses, inviting energy to flow freely throughout the body. Backbends not only strengthen the spine but also uplift the spirit, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and inspired. Allow yourself to surrender to the practice, diving deeper into each pose with grace and ease.

Recharge your spirit and awaken your heart with this revitalising yoga practice, setting the tone for a weekend filled with love and liberation.

Happy Yoging

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