Sugar Free Virgin Mojitios!!

This is a healthy guilt free version of the Mojito that most of us love and is super easy to make!!
It was a big hit at the January Yoga Retreat last year and with all the Mummies at Tadhg’s 5th Birthday party recently.

We use Stevia here instead of refined sugar, Stevia is an amazing natural sweetener with no carbohydrates, no preservatives and 0 calories.  It is also believed to help lower blood pressure and has anti-inflammatory effects.   It is completely natural and is plant based extracted from the leaves of the Stevia plant.  Look out for ‘Stevia Extract’ in your local health store.  Stevia is extremely sweet, around 200 times sweeter than sugar so use sparingly!

120ml Lime juice(this equates to around 12 freshly squeezed limes )
250ml Sparkling water
5 drops of Stevia(you can play around with this to your own taste buds)
Big handful of mint leaves
2 handfuls of crushed ice

1. Juice the limes, if organic I keep the skin on to give that zesty taste otherwise peel the skin.
2. Mix in the sparkling water and Stevia.
3. Crush in the mint leaves
4. Pour the mixture over crushed ice and garnish with a slice of lime and mint leaf

Enjoy yum yum!!!







Adapted from Bernadette Bohan’s Raw Cookbook

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