Vegan Super Healthy Sweet Potatoe Brownies

How are you all today? If you have had a tough day, Chocolate brownies can help 🤪 

How bad to have your cake and eat it too. Sweet Potatoe Healthy Brownies are a big hit in our house. Devoured too quick that I have started hiding them and freezering them so they can be taken out for a healthy treat. And I have learnt no one needs to know what’s in them until after they have tried them 😉 

Last week I promised I would start posting up more of my healthy recipes and I am keeping my promise 🤞
Here is my Tasty Tuesday recipe Sweet Potatoe Guilt Free Brownies:

Hope you enjoy please let me know if you make them ❤️💜
Recipe inspired by the amazing Minimilist Baker.

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225g Sweet Potatoe puree (you will need around 2 medium sized sweet potatoes)
160ml pure Canadian grade A maple syrup
130g Almond butter (or your favourite nut butter)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/2 tablespoons of coconut oil melted
50g raw cacao powder
1/4 tsp Himalayan salt (sea salt is okay too)
1 tsp baking powder
60g oat flour(or 60g oats and blend until it turns to a flour)
50g chopped raw nuts (hazelnuts or pecons or your favourite nut 😃) 


1. To make your puree preheat oven to 190 celcius and roast your sweet potatoe without peeling for around 30 or until cooked. Allow to cool and scoop out sweet potatoe and blend until smooth. Set aside 225g of sweet potatoe puree.
2. Turn temperature of oven down to 180 celcius. Lined an 8×8 tin with parchment paper
3. To make the brownies pop into your blender Sweet Potatoe puree, nut butter, vanilla ext, melted coconut oil, cacao, salt and baking powder and blend until well combined.
4. Add in the flour gradually until you create a thick scoopable batter.
5. Pour batter into lined baking tin and spread an even layer.
6. Top with hazelnuts, pecans or whichever nuts you like
7. Bake for around 28 – 32 minutes or until a toothpick comes out mostly clean. A little gooey is good.
8. Now this is the tricky part.. let it cool for around 30 mins and resist the temptation to eat 😬
9. We love them warm served with a homemade dairy free ice-cream ❤️Ὁ


I would love to know if you try these out please do leave a comment or a question below.