Top Tips to Easy Peasy Detoxing

These are my top tips on getting the most out of your detox:

Tip 1:

Have your tools and equipment ready to go:
You will need a:
4 x Flasks (if you are planning to make all your juices in the morning – this I would recommend; you will need to get up an hour earlier)
Empty 1.5 litre bottle

Tip 2:

Keep your fridge as empty as possible – so there’s no temptations!! Maybe prepare family meals ahead of detox

Tip 3:

Get mentally prepared – there are millions of reasons why a juice detox and regular juicing are so good for you.. here are some of the main advantages:
• cleanses your body and mind
• weight lose
• improved focus and mental clarity
• improved heart and cardiovascular function
• anti aging
• improved bone & joint functions
• stronger immune system
• better digestion
• better overall mood
• healthier hair, skin & nails
• energy!!

Tip 4:

Clear your evening diary – you will be exhausted so make sure you are not committed to doing too much and also to give your mind a break.

Tip 5:

Try to avoid TV!!!! A tough one – not essential but if you want to give your body and mind a full detox its worth trying to cut it out just for 3 days. Also there is a tendency to snack when in front of the TV!! See if for 3 days you can swap TV for a good book. …. Don’t hate me!!!

Tip 6:

Lots and lots of sleep.. Try to take a nap if you can or go to bed early.. As your body is detoxing you will be exhausted.

Tip 7:

Exercise – try to fit in 2 x 20 min gentle exercise sessions, maybe a walk. Possibly on your lunch break and after work. Going to a yoga class is perfect.

Tip 8:

Try to avoid temptations e.g. being around people that are eating or drinking coffee!!

Tip 9:

Be kind to yourself. Pamper yourself e.g. have a bath, book yourself a massage.

Keep on reminding yourself its only for 3 days!! Be prepared to be as I mentioned above exhausted but also you might find you are cranky & emotional as all your toxins surface. This is a absolutely normal it means the detox is working!!