We Love to Detox…..


Detoxing is amazing, tough at the time but you feel like a million dollars afterwards.

With all the toxins in our lives: pollution, processed food, caffeine, alcohol to name just a few. It is no wonder that at times we are zapped of energy and feel negative and unproductive. With a detox you get the opportunity to really flush and cleanse your body of toxins, allowing the body to function more efficiently.
You will find your skin is glowing, your hair and nails are stronger, you’ve more energy, you will have better mental focus and clarity, it will help to improve your heart and cardiovascular function, you will have a stronger immune system, you will feel lighter, you will feel more positive(afterwards, maybe not during it!!) and you will even loose some weight!

We are doing a group 3 Day Detox on Monday 2nd September to cleanse after all the fun of the summer. The idea of the group detox is that you have some support from other detoxees! Its always easier when you are not going solo! I would love for you to comment on how you are getting on so we can help each other out!!

It is also important to pre-detox 3 days beforehand!! Have a read here about what to do in the run up to your detox so you can get the most out of it.

Full details of the detox including the shopping list and general info can be found in the detox section on the website:
More info about Detox
FAQs about Detoxing
Top Tips for Detoxing
The 3 Day Detox Plan

Any questions that aren’t answered on the website, feel free to pop me a line on [email protected]

Happy Detoxing…. remember its for only 3 days out of your life!!!!



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