The Yoga Tree's Luxury Yoga Mats - RnD

Hi Yogi!!

Thank you so so much for all your feedback so far.  We are at the final stages of the RnD!!  Even if you didn’t get to test many of the sample mats, I would love your overall feedback and what you think of some of the new potential designs 🙂  We are making decisions right now which designs to include in the launch so your opinion and feedback would be soo helpful.

Included are more designs from the Argentinian artist German Barnels and I have also included a few pieces from a friend and a local artist.  Photographer Miki Barlok has also created some beautiful new beach designs for us.

Honest feedback is a gift so I am really really appreciate as always for you sharing your thoughts.  Please fill out the survey below when you get a moment.

We are hoping to launch the mat range late August/early September!!  Please tick below if you would like to be kept in the loop of the launch.

Thanks again,


Hazel xx

Majority of samples were 4mm with the exception of one suede that was 3mm
When you increase the thickness of a mat this will make a mat heavier
In the samples the 2 beach mats were suede and the other designs were PU fabric

The 'Pastel' Range by artist German Barnels

By Argentian artist German Barnels

The 'Sunset' Range by artist German Barnels

By Argentian artist German Barnels

The Marine Range by artist Tbowti

By Cork Artist Tbowti

The Beach Range by photographer Miki Barlok

Beach 21 - 26, Photography by Miki Barlok on Barleycove Beach, West Cork and made into Yoga art
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Please click as many as you like

Overall Comments

Feedback and honesty is a gift, please do share,